dimanche 22 novembre 2015

mark klink

As technology continues to assert itself as the most central means by which we create, socially interact and facilitate business, the divide between the physical and digital world continues to blur. Simultaneously, digital artists have been searching for ways to express the duality between the costs and benefits of having access to such amazing tools. Glitch art has proliferated on social sharing platforms, such as Tumblr, as a means to express the startling chaos and noise created through the bombardment by the constant and overwhelming amount of information generated by the internet. 
Amongst the large number of glitch artists presenting themselves these days, Mark Klink’s calculated and controlled databending sets itself apart. His experiments in the destruction of the renderings of human faces intrigue viewers as they simultaneous implode and explode in both form and color. 
Klink is also exceedingly generous with his knowledge, as he teaches and shares his processes on his open source blog. With the information shared by Klink and others, you can also participate in the ongoing online discussion exploring these new digital realities. 

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