vendredi 25 septembre 2015

helaine schneider

The perception of time that we measure between birth and death is what we have come to refer to as “life”. What comes before and after these reference points is a mystery. What if there is no time beyond our perception of it? Then, do we not always exist even when our physical body is not present? Perhaps our bodies are merely vessels that temporarily house a larger existence. The majority of pieces I am creating at this time are a reflection of this thought process. I find myself continually fascinated by the dichotomy that is inherently born of our existence, life and death, with or without, before and after. As we move through this time space reality we move back and forth, experiencing one side of a dichotomy or the other determined simply by the choices we make in each moment and our point of focus. At first glance the figures appear to be one continuous piece but upon closer examination there are points where the piece opens to reveal the space within. It seems fitting that often my sculptures are used to house the physical remains of loved ones who have passed. Please feel free to contact me for additional information about pieces on this site and commissions. 

-Helaine Schneider

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