mardi 2 septembre 2014

Wasan Khurshid Khattak

Wasan Khurshid Khattak
Artiste pakistanais qui a vraiment réussi à montrer son talent au monde entier.
Il a choisi de nous transmettre sa douleur à travers un travail de création mûrement réfléchi.
il sculpte dans le bois ses sentiments et le temps qui passe.
très bel artiste !

1 commentaire:

    Art is the first gasp of the life. In the notable means of humans psychic evolution. That’s sequence are create act as natural as come out. One who, Feel himself, as one of the most remarkable life owner, and got respect as cultured by own SOUL. Then he/she can flowed out their feeling as words, music, paintings, sculpting, performing and more, all that’s types are stand first as Move mental CREATIONS in preserving Eras .